Wireless Relay Module


2.4 GHz Wireless Load Monitoring > Accessories

  • Dual power relay
  • User configurable
  • 8 x Broadweigh sensors per relay
  • Full user control and configuration
  • Assignment of individual or group sensors
  • Can be set to compare groups of weights to a set point; for example when hanging truss
  • Can be latched / digital input for external reset
  • Communication lost / error signal
  • Up to 800 m range
  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • Optional mounting kit

Further Information

The BW–RM1 offers dual power relays capable of mains power switching. These relays can be configured as high, low or window alarms and can be associated with a group of up to eight Broadweigh sensors per relay.

Broadweigh User Manual

BW-RM1 Relay Module Product Sheet

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