Wireless Wind Speed Sensor

//Wireless Wind Speed Sensor
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Wireless Wind Speed Sensor

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The pre-calibrated BroadWeigh Wind Speed Sensor (BW-WSS) anemometer provides both real-time display and full logging of wind speeds. With user definable sampling rates and easy wireless installation this anemometer makes an ideal choice for general wind speed monitoring and action planning for outdoor events. On-location monitoring is a critical aspect of weather management in conjunction with regional weather reporting and prediction services. The BroadWeigh system offers supplier data processing and recording which enables the user to develop reports, trending and trigger peak speed alarms.

When used in conjunction with Mantracourt’s BroadWeigh shackles and BW-LOG100 load monitoring software, the combined system can provide directly correlated data of guywire and storm-brace tensions in relation to wind speed conditions. This means that wind speed ratings and rigging components within a tent or staging structure can be closely monitored and action can be taken prior to failures occurring. This is especially useful in conjunction with LED video wall rigging, PA towers, roof canopies, marquee tents and other temporary demountable structures.

The wind speed sensor measures wind speeds over the range of 5 to 125 mph and can be configured to provide readings in a number of standard units including mph, fps, km/h and m/sec.

The BW-WSS can automatically ‘sleep’ between transmissions in order to extend battery life.

The wind speed anemometer is housed in an IP67 case & supplied with robust fixing bracket, featuring a high quality 3-cup rotor pressed on a stainless steel shaft with rugged Delrin body with bronze Rulon bushings.

The wind speed sensor (BW-WSS) operates alongside the whole range of T24 devices such as base stations, handheld displays, analogue output, relay modules, GPRS data loggers and more, and is designed and built on Mantracourt’s BroadWeigh 2.4 Ghz wireless technology.

New Radio Upgrade Delivers More Power and Better Coverage
New Software Features Improve Security and Diagnostics

  • Powered by 2 x D Cell batteries or external power
  • Power saving mode
  • Range of 800 m (2600 ft)
  • Range of measurement 5 to 125 mph
  • Units: mph, fps, km/h and m/sec
  • One year warranty
  • IP67 rated
  • Rugged enclosure 164 x 84 x 57 mm (excluding glands)

Application Example:

An outdoor events company were using a stage which had been designed with a canvas canopy mounted above the top of the stage.

It was critical for the events manager to be able to monitor the stability of the canopy throughout the event, as the high wind forecast could exert a force on the canopy which could prove dangerous.

The Solution:

A BW-WSS wind speed sensor unit was attached to the top of the stage and powered using internal batteries. The unit was used to monitor the wind speed throughout the event on a wireless telemetry Broadweigh handheld. Giving the events manager portable visibility of wind speeds at a glance.

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Technical Documents

Product Sheet

Product Sheet

BroadWeigh User Manual

BroadWeigh User Manual


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