About Us

We are a team of engineers, committed to making more possible and passionate about entertainment technology.

Behind Broadweigh is Mantracourt Electronics, a world leader in sensors, sensor systems and signal conditioning. Our experience in the lifting market has a lengthy heritage, stretching back over 25 years. Broadweigh load cell systems are designed, manufactured, tested and calibrated at our factory in Exeter, Devon in the South West of England. Our in-house approach enables us to maintain the quality of our instrumentation as well as the accuracy and reliability of every Broadweigh solution that leaves our factory.

Collaborating with partners, responding to new ideas, developing new solutions, supporting creative applications.

We support talented experts doing a difficult job in demanding conditions, giving them the confidence to push their skills further. To do this our systems need to cut through the noise and deliver the right information – simply and succinctly.

We are committed to continuous development of our products. We possess the expertise and manufacturing know-how to produce entire systems direct from our factory and are producing unique solutions which are found no-where else on the market.