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Conferences and exhibitions often require suspended structures as part of the stand build . Some exhibitors may require single story exhibition spaces while others will seek double deck stands – most will have banners suspended at height – others may have more complex requirements – hanging lights, audio, LED video walls etc. What can be achieved varies from venue to venue but many designs will require proper load monitoring in order to comply with health and safety requirements. Event organisers reserve the right to request structural calculations in order to ensure the safety of delegates and that no overly heavy loads are being imposed upon the building itself.

Broadweigh is the perfect tool for ensuring safe load monitoring of an exhibition or conference stand or booth – we use it ourselves for every event we attend. Our Bluetooth kit often comes into its own in these environments, putting all the calculations needed on the screen of a mobile or tablet. And our LOG100 software provides the paper trail needed in order to prove due diligence

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Load Monitoring for Live Events

“We’re dealing with close to a 30,000lb custom built flown piece which has been spec’d to be lifted with a mix of 1 ton and ¼ ton motors. Engineer drawings specified that there couldn’t be more than a 4” deflection on the lift, so load cells are essential in watching the load on the whole lift, making sure this custom piece was not damaged at all.” 

Michael Sorowka, Paradigm Rigging