Calibration and Shackle Refurbishment

We’re delighted that you’ve purchased your BroadWeigh shackles – in our kit you’ve got a product that is reliable and user friendly. But even the best tools for the job need a bit of TLC in order to ensure optimal performance at all times. We have always advised our customers to get their shackles recalibrated regularly – but now we are proud to be able to offer that service in-house.

We offer this service to all our customers with genuine Broadweigh shackles – no matter how old the shackles are or how many hours of use they may have had. We recommend you check your shackles’ output with a known load at least once a year and return them to our factory in Exeter for a calibration check every two years at a bare minimum.

While your shackles may ‘look’ fine, it’s important to remember that damage to the shackle or its calibration can happen at any time. If you need to move the zero offset significantly, then further investigation is required. This could take the form of a thorough examination and calibration check with a known load. Records should be kept of any calibration check so that you can see any movement over time. If the readings are out by more than 1% or 25kg, or you have to zero out more than 50kg, it’s time to arrange a recalibration.

Calibration services

When you send your Broadweigh shackles to us, our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough examination of the mechanical parts of the shackle to comply with LOLER before recalibration, followed by visual inspections and checks on the electronics using our proprietary diagnostic tools. Each shackle is calibrated and linearised over 10 weight points, covering its operating range. All work is carried out at our industry leading manufacturing facilities using our calibration rig which is calibrated to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) standards. Our skilled technicians are highly integrated with the manufacturing process so understand the build of a Broadweigh shackle and its electronics inside out so you have full peace of mind that your kit is in expert hands.

You’ll receive an electronic calibration certificate and we will keep a copy on file too. In addition you’ll get an inspection report, highlighting recommendations for future maintenance. We are also giving our customers a free one year warranty extension if shackles undergo regular recalibration – effectively giving our kit a lifetime warranty.

In addition to this, our customers will be offered a refurbishment service in addition to the calibration to update your shackles to the latest firmware (fee applies).

Mantracourt, the company behind Broadweigh, is a development member of LEEA and supervising staff are LEEA trained. Mantracourt holds BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and has held BS EN ISO 9001 certification since August 2003.

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Calibration Enquiry

To arrange for a recalibration and inspection of your kit with us, contact your local dealer who will arrange a return. We aim to process and return the cells with minimal disruption to schedules. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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