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Reliable and Accurate Calibration

Our BroadWeigh range of products are designed, manufactured, calibrated and tested in-house at our factory in Exeter, Devon. This in-house approach enables us to maintain the quality of our instrumentation products as well as the accuracy and reliability of every solution that leaves our factory.

Every BroadWeigh shackle is calibrated using our in-house developed calibration machine, operated by an experienced member of our team. Calibration software developed by our design team communicates directly with the shackle and test rig to record the shackle’s calibration; the software then generates a calibration certificate. This automated approach minimises operator variability and helps us ensure that every BroadWeigh product is accurate and reliable in the field.

Each shackle is calibrated and linearised over 8 weight points covering its operating range. Each weight is applied and allowed to settle, and then the calibration and linearisation parameters are calculated and applied to the shackle.

Once all points have been calibrated, the shackle is unloaded then loaded again at 4 points over its operating range to check that it falls within our in-house specification (which is much tighter than our published specification). The calibration record is electronically stored for future recall, and a Calibration Certificate is issued showing the results of the 4-point calibration check.

Our in-house calibration machine has a capacity of calibrating up to 10 tonnes and the main rig load cell is calibrated against a National Physical Laboratory (NPL) approved transfer standard load cell.