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Broadcast (film, television, radio)

The world of broadcasting is fast paced. Whether it’s a live broadcast or pre-record, technical aspects of the production have to be just as watertight as the performance. Broadcasts grids house tonnes of lighting, sound and set which are often invisible to the TV audience – but it’s a rigger’s responsibility to ensure and demonstrate that in terms of safety, everything is 100% compliant. In a sector where ‘the show must go on’ and studio time equals money, there can be no second guessing.

Riggers are skilled at thinking smart and thinking fast and our kit is designed to complement that – a straight from the box solution that can be expanded to suit any project simply by adding more shackles. Regardless of how much ‘noise’ is going on around you, the Broadweigh system will cut through to provide high quality remote readings – perfect in a challenging environment where transmitters cannot always be placed in the optimum position and when signals often have to travel through high concentrations of truss or set.


Case Studies

Load Monitoring for Live Events

“The Log100 software is very versatile and allows everyone to easily programme their specific needs. The mapping view, where the readouts can be directly placed on the rigging plot, helped us immensely in keeping the overview at all times. It really was the right system for this huge, live-broadcast job.”

– Johannes Schau, Head Rigger, Eurovision 2018