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Advanced Wireless Handheld Display

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The BW-HA advanced wireless handheld brings an additional level of portability to the BroadWeigh system by expanding its standalone monitoring capabilities.

  • Wireless handheld display
  • Supports overload and underload warnings for individual shackles, groups of shackles and windspeed sensors.
  • Backlit display makes the device usable in low-light environments.
  • Reads data from any shackle in range
  • Sleep / Wake function
  • Local and remote battery and signal indicators
  • Fully weatherised (IP67)

This device allows users to perform advanced operations with load shackle readings without the need for a PC and a base station.
BW-HA can be configured to one of the following three operational modes:

Roaming Inputs

  • Works straight out-of-the-box
  • Shows the nearest shackles with the same radio settings
  • Ideal for walking between different stages with the handheld and picking up readings from all shackles independently of other monitoring systems.

Pre-Defined Inputs

  • (Up to 24) inputs can be configured separately
  • Shackles can be named and have audible warning levels set

Summing Groups

  • Shackles can be summed together giving totals for a whole structure and individual trusses
  • The total can be ‘drilled down’ to allow viewing of individual shackle values

With simple wireless configuration and calibration the licence free 2.4GHz Broadweigh Advanced Wireless Handheld Display (BW-HA) uses direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio telemetry technology. This provides high integrity, error free communications and is FCC, ETSI and IC approved.

The devices features a backlit display, which makes it usable in low-light environments.

Broadweigh wireless handheld display BW-HA is powered by a pair of standard alkaline AA batteries and is configured using free BW-Toolkit software which runs on a PC connected to the BroadWeigh base station.

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BroadWeigh User Manual

BroadWeigh User Manual

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Product Sheet

Product Sheet

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