Project Description

The Application

Entertainment venues and rigging suppliers should ensure the safety of the audience, performers and staff. Preventing excessive loads from damaging roof structures and rigging equipment is essential, not optional.

Operating since July 31, 1996 Casino Rama is a major concert and event centre in Ontario, Canada. It is Ontario’s only First Nations commercial casino and has earned a reputation for presenting exclusive world-class sporting, entertainment (music festivals and music concerts) & television events.

With a 5,000 capacity concert hall, ensuring safety is a top priority for the production managers at Casino Rama.

Casino_RamaThe Solution

Wireless rigging monitoring using the BroadWeigh™ system was an ideal solution to monitor the real time loads at Casino Rama to ensure structures and rigging points were balanced and within safe working loads.

BroadWeigh’s North America representative, David Bond worked together with the Lead Lighting Technician at the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre, Derek Noble and his team to address every requirement and concern prior to purchase of the wireless stage monitoring equipment, and provided a training day upon delivery of the order.

Prior testing of the BroadWeigh system’s wireless data transfer was carried out at the facility to prove stability of the platform and to be sure that the BroadWeigh signal was not interfering with or being affected by other wireless signals in the building. Casino Rama Entertainment Centre relies on numerous wireless communication systems for its daily operations, as well as incoming productions devices and the possible 5,000 mobile phone users who attend the concerts.

“The ease of use of the BroadWeigh system, the speed at which it can be implemented and cost/value means it is both the best and the safest option for us,” said Derek. “I would gladly recommend this system for any venue that is concerned with rigging overloads or incoming tours damaging the existing roof structures.”

“Initially I was concerned with interference due to the number of wireless systems already in the building but not anymore,” said Derek. “The communication was better than we expected. This system enables us to know what production is rigging in terms of both the weight and balance of the loads. The price point per shackle meant we could purchase more load cells than the other systems we considered while still achieving the desired result. ”

In this application Casino Rama Entertainment Centre used the following
BroadWeigh products :