Product Development and Upgrades

We are committed to continual product improvements ensuring BroadWeigh is equipped to perform even in the most hostile of environments.  Our latest upgrades include:

  • Improved performance in high noise environments
  • Improved battery life in high noise environments
  • Improved pairing in high noise environments

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Previous Developments

Increased Signal Strength & Coverage

BroadWeigh shackles are fitted with an upgraded radio module and antenna, improving signal integrity and increased performance. The system can transmit signals to a range of 800 m (½ mile), as standard – more than four times the previous range. This is perfect for use in challenging, noisy environments where transmitters cannot always be placed in the optimum position and signals sometimes have to travel through high concentrations of truss or set.

Smarter Diagnostics & Improved Security

Our more powerful version of the BroadWeigh Toolkit provides improved monitoring of channels as well as the ability to check radio link quality, execute commands, view and alter parameters. New functionality in the Toolkit gives the ability to assign transmitters with security keys and the flexibility to set up and easily move groups, to save you time on site and provide security to your system.

New Stylish and Durable Enclosures

We have introduced new custom designed enclosures (waterproof to IP67) to enhance the look and feel of the BroadWeigh range.

BroadWeigh Product Range