New size of BroadWeigh™
Load Monitoring Shackle

Wireless load monitoring shackle is now available in the standard Crosby 3.25 T capacity for entertainment rigging industry.

UK technology company Mantracourt Electronics has announced the availability of a new 5/8″ (3.25T) load-monitoring shackle to complement their BroadWeigh wireless load monitoring system and the existing 3/4” (4.75T) Crosby shackle.


The wireless BroadWeigh™ system enables the accurate, real-time load monitoring of rigged equipment and has been designed to assist designers and rigging professionals within the entertainment sector.
Central to the design of the system are wireless shackles equipped with a high accuracy load pin that reports data remotely to a computer or a handheld display. The system is able to monitor multiple load cells and can trigger an alarm should a load exceed a preset parameter.

“The new shackle is an important addition to the BroadWeigh range,” said Jonathan Purdue, Business Development Manager at Mantracourt.

Westbury National Show Systems Ltd of Toronto have recently selected the BroadWeigh load monitoring system for the lifting and suspension of a new scoreboard display in the Memorial Garden Arena, North Bay, Ontario Canada.

“BroadWeigh is a useful tool to assist Riggers in the fast and efficient rigging of production equipment, in a world where this is becoming increasingly complex” said Jonathan Purdue. “In this respect, we have been working closely with industry experts to ensure that the BroadWeigh system delivers a professional solution that is simple to use, accurate and reliable.”