BroadWeigh’s Updated Wireless System Makes its Prolight + Sound Debut

//BroadWeigh’s Updated Wireless System Makes its Prolight + Sound Debut

BroadWeigh’s Updated Wireless System Makes its Prolight + Sound Debut

BroadWeigh’s newly updated wireless load cell monitoring system will make its Prolight + Sound debut at this year’s show. Distributors for the brand, including AC Entertainment (Hall 5 Level 0, Booths A26 & A27) Hof Alutec (Hall 3.0 , Booth A44) and Louis Reyners (Hall 3.0 Booth C14) are all set to feature BroadWeigh’s latest offering on their stands. 111

Jonathan Purdue, sales manager at BroadWeigh who will be on hand for the duration of the show to meet with customers said:

“We’re delighted to have three of our European distributors at Prolight + Sound, demonstrating our updated system. BroadWeigh has worked hard to develop a new radio module giving four times the range of the previous system. Improvements in the omni-directional antenna have provided increased performance in more challenging environments such as high concentrations of truss or wall. We want our customers to have the opportunity to see it in action and understand just how simple it is to operate.  Prolight + Sound is the perfect opportunity for that.”

700x500_BW-CASE-AThe upgrade to the BroadWeigh wireless system was launched in the last quarter of 2015 and feedback so far has been positive. Jonathan said:

“We’ve been getting nothing but good reviews since we launched the system at PLASA, but Prolight + Sound puts us in front of a very different audience and we’re keen to hear from our customers, and potential customers in Europe.”

Visitors to the AC Entertainment, HOF Alutec and Louis Reyners stand will be able to see the range of kit available and will provide guests with a real life scenario, demonstrating how effective the system can be in a critical situation or if the system goes into overload.

Jonathan explained:

” As a company we pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ requests and where possible we will always try and turn their wish list into reality. Shows like Prolight + Sound are invaluable to us in that respect.” Jonathan concluded: “We hope our customers in Europe see just how  fast and simple to use the BroadWeigh system is. It can be tailored specifically to each user simply by adding or subtracting shackles or other acquisition devices, such as the BroadWeigh Wind Speed Sensor. We are proud of the exceptional reliability and quality of our products and hope that rigging professionals in Europe will value the constant improvements to the product as we aim to lead the way in the industry.”




About BroadWeigh
Designed to aid rigging professionals on a daily basis, BroadWeigh provides high accuracy static and peak loads in real time.

BroadWeigh is designed and manufactured by Mantracourt Electronics, a world leader in the application of high precision microelectronics to many sectors of industrial measurement in fields such as aerospace, Formula 1 racing, construction and much more. 

As a key technology provider to leading OEM’s for over 40 years, Mantracourt pride themselves on exceptional reliability, quality and support.  Their load pins are manufactured from high tensile stainless steel with a rotating bobbin that centralises the load and minimises any point load effects. The market leading Crosby shackle completes the package to supply an exceptional wireless load monitoring solution for rigging professionals.

BroadWeigh is one of the few wireless products of this type on the market that incorporates a high accuracy load pin with this unique low trim loss design. The system is fast and simple to use and offers an expandable format to suit individual requirements, simply by adding or subtracting wireless shackles or other acquisition devices.  The BroadWeigh receivers are also interchangeable and not dedicated to specific load cells.

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