Biggest Ever Presence
at Prolight + Sound

Broadweigh will be represented by five of its product partners.

Industry leader for wireless load cell monitoring brand BroadWeigh is set to enjoy its biggest ever presence at this year’s Prolight and Sound with five of its product partners promoting the company’s offering through displays and demonstrations.  A.C. Entertainment Technologies (Hall 5, B25),  Hof Alutec (Hall 3, A44),  Louis Reyners (Hall 3, C14), Scanrig (Hall 3, F31) and Sonoss (Hall 3, C14) and will all represent BroadWeigh on their stands at the show.

Mela Coskun, Marketing Manager at Louis Reyners explained: “We are very excited to be joining forces with Sonoss, France to present BroadWeigh to the public on stand C14 in Hall 3.0. We will be running product demonstrations and a strength competition using the BroadWeigh load cells to measure the strength applied by hands of each participant. Winners of the competition will be presented with a goody bag which we are packing with a range of items including various branded pieces from BroadWeigh, while the overall winner of the show will receive a special prize”

Uno Knaff, marketing manager at Sonoss added: “We will have several 3.25t and 4.75t load cells along with both USB and handheld receptors for demonstration. Software will be running on a laptop and can be displayed on our TV screens which will demonstrate the solution.”

Scanrig is also set to demonstrate the wireless system which received its official European debut at last year’s show. “We are extremely proud to be representing Broadweigh on our stand F31 in Hall 3.0. Since the launch of the newly upgraded system, there has been a significant increase in demand for the product. There has been an upturn in the industry as load cell monitoring is being recognised, not only as a good thing to do, but an essential practice and Broadweigh is increasingly becoming the name that our customers are approaching us and asking for.”

He added: “We would like to show the market the benefits of wireless load monitoring and show people the scalability of the Broadweigh products from a small one unit system up to 100 active unit systems.”

Broadweigh has enjoyed a hugely successful year with profits at their highest level since the brand was launched and with a number of important developments in the pipeline.

Jonathan Purdue, Broadweigh’s sales manager explained: “We have recently gained compliance for The European Machinery Directive – an initiative which calls for identical requirements for machinery safety in every country within the European Economic Area. This provides an excellent basis for risk assessment and documentation in order to demonstrate due diligence on the part of a manufacturer or supplier and we are proud to be fully compliant with this directive, which includes rigging accessories such as shackles.” He continued: “We want to be seen to be leading the way in making sure that no stone is unturned when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of our products and this is an important step forward for us and our customers”.

We now have a short document called the Original Instructions manual which is sent out to all customers purchasing Broadweigh kit and includes more general safety and maintenance information. There is also a space to include details of Broadweigh’s authorised representative that is bringing the product into a country. A small change is also being applied to the label on the shackle bow which now includes the year of manufacture and the Broadweigh web address. The new manual is available on our website.

Broadweigh is also in the process of obtaining membership to The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) – an organisation established across the globe as the leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide. “We see this as another step in the right direction for Broadweigh as we strive to be the best – not only in the quality of products that we offer, but in the example we set in our industry,” concluded Jonathan.