Broadweigh Hits the High Notes
on Mariah Carey’s World Tour

When Mariah Carey kicked off her Sweet Sweet Fantasy world tour at the SSE Arena in Glasgow, Colin Luke, senior project manager at Load Cell Rental was requested by the tour’s production manager Ian Kinnersley to complete a full weight report of the rig. In order to do this effectively, Colin relied on BroadWeigh.

“We were in contact with the Mariah production team from an early stage. In order to prove due diligence in terms of ascertaining actual weights as opposed to relying on calculations, Ian brought Load Cell Rental on board to weigh the entire rig”, said Colin. “To do this we used 52 BroadWeigh wireless cells – a cell for each point. From this we were then able to complete a certificate for each individual truss which detailed the equipment used, the recorded weight from the cell and a detailed description of the load.”

Load Cell Rental is receiving an increasing number of wireless load cell requests as production teams are realising the importance of being able to prove due diligence. Colin explained: “The new BroadWeigh cell is our kit of choice for all jobs like this. It has a proven record of providing stable and reliable data transfer once it is correctly configured for the venue. At Load Cell Rental we have a 100% record in cell readings so far. Being wireless, the system allows for a very quick install of the load cell which in turn minimises the services impact on the production crew. Being a load cell shackle has the added benefit of resulting in zero trim loss.”

Ian added: “The service that Colin and the Load Cell Rental team provides is invaluable and the BroadWeigh wireless system was amazing – the installation was so quick and the entire system utterly unobtrusive. The Sweet Sweet Fantasy World tour is a massive undertaking and we cannot afford to take any risks when it comes to the safety of the performers or the audience. With the technology available, it seems bizzare that anyone would rely on guesswork or rough approximations – it’s more than anyone’s reputation is worth and unfortunately, although rare, human error can occur. The full weight report is critical – it is backed up by its own insurance and, being totally independent of the production it confirms the show’s actual weight and allows us to prove we have done everything within our power to ensure safety is our number one priority. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Colin and would certainly recommend the BroadWeigh wireless system in future.”