Award winning Broadweigh Bluetooth
makes its PLASA debut!

The award winning Broadweigh Bluetooth system is set to be a major talking point on the A.C Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) stand where it will make its PLASA debut this year. The kit, which launched in June has already been put through its paces at some major events, including the New York Auto Show and at Glastonbury and is in the running for the 2019 PLASA Innovation Award.

Visitors to stand E30 will be able to see a demo of the Bluetooth cells and speak with a member of the Broadweigh team who will be able to advise on the suitability of the kit for their project. Elliot Van Laere, sales executive for Broadweigh said:

“We are really excited to be showcasing this product at PLASA. Since its official launch earlier this summer, it’s really been making waves. People are excited about its capabilities and it’s proving to be a real game changer for riggers who want to monitor the loads on small scale applications and have the data sent straight to their mobile phone or tablet.”

Johnny Marshall, from AC-ET’s rigging sales division said:

“Our partnership with Broadweigh has always been extremely important to us as a company and we are certain Broadweigh Bluetooth is going to draw the crowds to our stand. Its innovative design and ease of use make it highly appealing to riggers who can simply download the free app to either their iOS or Android device. The 3.25 tonne load shackle with integrated Bluetooth LE 4.0, provides high-precision, multi channel wireless load monitoring and sends the data straight to the phone or tablet. What could be simpler?”

Broadweigh’s standard load cells will also be on display on stand E30 as well as the Wind Speed Sensor and TwistLink. Johnny continued:

“Years ago, load monitoring was simply an added extra – something that was ‘nice to have’ so to speak. These days, it’s a critical piece of kit with an increasing number of venues now requesting that load monitoring is undertaken for all events. This is hugely encouraging of course that the entertainment industry is taking the weighing and monitoring of shows and events so seriously and we are proud to recommend Broadweigh to all our customers.”

Broadweigh will also officially launch its in-house calibration service at PLASA. This is an exciting new offering, open to all genuine Broadweigh shackles no matter their age or hours of use. Elliot added:

“We recommend that users should check their shackles’ output with a known load at least once a year and as a bare minimum return to the factory for a calibration check every two years. It’s important to bear in mind that damage to the shackle or its calibration can happen at any time. If you need to move the zero offset significantly then further investigation is required. With our new calibration service, our customers can return their shackles to us at our factory in Exeter where our skilled technicians will thoroughly examine all the mechanical parts of the shackle, ensuring they comply with LOLER before recalibration, followed by visual inspections and checks on the electronics using our proprietary diagnostic tool.”

Customers will also receive an inspection report highlighting recommendations for future maintenance, as well as an electronic calibration certificate which is also stored at the factory. All work is carried out using Broadweigh’s calibration rig which is calibrated to

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) standards, with each shackle calibrated and linearised over 10 weight points covering its operating range.

Elliot concluded: “Customers who take advantage of this new service receive a one year warranty on load shackles, effectively giving them a lifetime warranty on Broadweigh shackles if regular calibrations are carried out. We also offer our users a refurbishment service, allowing them to update their shackles to the latest firmware, subject to a fee. We think uptake will be significant so recommend that anyone wanting to take advantage should book early to avoid disappointment.”