Dynamic Wireless Load Monitoring


Dynamic Load Monitoring Equipment - BroadWeigh

BroadWeigh™ portable wireless system offers real-time, simple, effective and accurate load monitoring for rigging professionals.

It enables users to monitor and log the precise loads on any given rigging point. Features include:

   ● Wireless Crosby load cell shackle, 5:1 safety factor

   ● Robust, rugged and compact design

   ● High accuracy load pin with zero trim loss

   ● Easy to setup wireless communications

   ● Logging software for up to 100 channels

Complimentary BroadWeigh products:

   ● Wind Speed Sensor

   ● Handheld Unit

   ● Active Repeater

   ● USB Base Station


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Cable Free Load Monitoring

Load Cell Shackle - Data Logging - Wind Speed - Alarms

Robust IP rated flight case now available to purchase for 4, 8, 12 or 16 shackles. Available with a selection of  interchangeable,high density impact foam inserts for the BroadWeigh product range.

Lockable trolley and heavy duty handles for ease of transportation.

New BroadWeigh Flight Case

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