Why our BroadWeigh™ Wireless System?

The BroadWeigh system is one of the few wireless products on the market which incorporates a high accuracy load pin with zero trim loss design for simple, effective and accurate dynamic wireless load monitoring. The system is fast and simple to use; set up in less than 1 minute, and offers an expandable system to suit individual requirements simply by purchasing additional shackles with no need to return to the factory.

  • Effective and accurate wireless load monitoring
  • Quick deployment
  • 800 m (1/2 mile) range increased using the active repeater, BW-AR
  • Up to 200 samples per second
  • Free software package for viewing and data logging of up to 100 channels simultaneously
  • High integrity, error free transmission of data
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Designed, manufactured, calibrated and tested in-house

Why Choose Wireless?

At the heart of BroadWeigh is a powerful wireless telemetry technology which provides high quality remote readings, often in harsh environments, to record and transmit data. Built around our own custom proprietary communications protocol, the technology provides secure and high integrity digital data transmission. With direct line of sight of up to 800 m (1/2 mile) which can be extended with the use of an active repeater.

  • Reduces installation time
  • Allows flexibility (easy to add additional devices to system)
  • Easily portable and ideal for temporary installations or where cables are not suitable
  • Convenient and reusable
  • Ideal for dynamic / moving applications
  • License free frequency 2.4 GHz

Wireless Load Monitoring at your Finger Tips

700x500_Shackles Mantracourt’s expertise in wireless telemetry has been combined with the high quality and industry-renowned shackle.

The BroadWeigh™ Load Cell Shackle features a high accuracy, precision engineered, load-pin and integrated electronics. This allows load monitoring without the need for time consuming and costly cabling.

700x500_BW-HR The BW-HR wireless handheld telemetry device provides an 8 digit LCD reading from an unlimited number of BroadWeigh shackles (either BW-S325 or BW-S475 versions) and also can display readings from the BW-WSS wind speed anemometer.
700x500_BW-WSS The pre-calibrated BroadWeigh Wind Speed Sensor BW-WSS) anemometer provides both real-time display and full logging of wind speeds. With user definable sampling rates and easy wireless installation this anemometer makes an ideal choice for general wind speed monitoring and action planning for outdoor events.
700x500_BW-AR The BroadWeigh active repeater is designed to help propagate the wireless signal, and can be used to enhance the signal in different environments, bounce signals around obstacles or
double range – in line of sight applications.
700x500_BW-BSue The BW-BSue wireless USB base station has the advantage of extended range meaning a line of sight range of up to 800 m for all BroadWeigh (BW) shackles.
700x500_BW-CASE-A Robust, custom designed flight cases now available to purchase for 4, 8, 12 or 16 shackles. Available with a selection of interchangeable, high density impact foam inserts for the
BroadWeigh product range.
BW-LOG100 This data logging software package enables the user to view and log up to 100 data channels from BroadWeigh wireless shackles.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it…

After using the BroadWeigh system in one of our shows I would recommend it to any of my colleagues in the entertainment industry.
Bogdan Lewko, Technical Director, Holiday On Ice Productions b.v.
The ease of use of the BroadWeigh system, the speed at which it can be implemented and cost/value means it is both the best and the safest option for us. I would gladly recommend this system for any venue that is concerned with rigging overloads or incoming tours damaging the existing roof structures.
Derek Noble, Lead Lighting Technician, Casino Rama Entertainment Centre, Ontario, Canada
BroadWeigh offers the best balance of all-weather wireless load data with the best front-end interface. Load measurements are easily managed but with many options for the advanced user. The options and parameters mean a custom system can be set up to suit the application. Simple shackle installation without on/off switches means fast setup times that don’t interrupt the production load in or rigging process. The shackle based design is now the standard and other manufacturers are following suit. The optional wind speed sensor shows this system is the best choice for outdoor staging applications and the price per operational channel means it is the most economical wireless system available. It is cheaper than some wired systems too! The base stations handle up to 100 cells and are fully interchangeable. Cross and sub rentals are easy and cheaper. Splitting a system up doesn’t cost and arm and a leg and the 3.25T and 4.75T ratings mean you are not so limited in capacity.
Colin Luke, Load Cell Rental
Having distributed the BroadWeigh brand from it’s early days I have seen the product range grow and the demand for load monitoring increase. AC-ET are proud to support a British company with a great product and a determination to push the boundaries. The support from Mantracourt staff has been outstanding whether it be re-writing software for a foreign customer in difficulty with an install, or technical back-up at a moments notice, they have been there for us. The product is second to none and the addition of accessories, coupled with modifications to the range after customer feedback has been encouraging to say the least.

The brand was based around the 3.25T and 4.75T wireless load monitoring shackle, however the BroadWeigh system now encompasses Wind Speed sensors, relay trigger modules, GPRS network adapters (for wireless data transfer offsite), repeater modules (to extend the 200m range) and a software monitoring program, that can all be adapted from the smallest to the largest needs of an installation. I have no doubt that BroadWeigh is leading the way in wireless load monitoring and am excited at the prospects for the future in this field.

Matthew Millward, Rigging Sales Manager, AC-Entertainment Technologies