Load Monitoring for a Performing Arts Theatre in Toronto

Background Massey Hall is a performing arts theatre in Toronto, Canada, built in 1894 to fulfil the need for a secular meeting place where people in the district and surrounding areas could enjoy choral musical not of a religious theme. The theatre can seat an audience of up to 2,765. In 2015 Massey Hall began [...]

Wireless Scenery Weighing

Wireless stage and rigging monitoring solutions The Application The centre of gravity, point weights and overall weight of set pieces, production gear and moving elements can be difficult to predict. Accurate data is required for rigging and transport purposes that takes into account dynamic loads and the addition of materials such as paint on soft [...]

Fire Curtain Hoist

The Royal National Theatre in London is one of the UK’s most prominent theatre companies. Founded in 1963 the theatre is located next to the Thames in central London. The theatre presents a varied programme, including Shakespeare and other international classic drama; and new plays by contemporary playwrights. Each auditorium in the theatre can run [...]