Project Description

Wireless stage and rigging monitoring solutions

The Application

Application wireless weighing sceneryThe centre of gravity, point weights and overall weight of set pieces, production gear and moving elements can be difficult to predict. Accurate data is required for rigging and transport purposes that takes into account dynamic loads and the addition of materials such as paint on soft goods or cable on trusses for example. Exact measurement of these elements can be achieved prior to installation to avoid overloading of fly bars or rigging systems.

The Solution

A simple BroadWeigh pack featuring a single shackle and handheld display allows carpenters and scenery builders to suspend and weigh items from a single point up to 4750 kg. The handheld displays the weight of the item suspended to the nearest kg, additional shackles can be added to the system for items that require more than one hanging point. A single handheld can read from any number of shackles.