Project Description

Wireless stage and rigging monitoring solutions

The Application

A touring house with a counter-weight flying system was experiencing issues with companies overloading and snagging lighting bars leading to bent bars and costly damage to the flying system. Each bar had four hanging lines along its length. The solution had to provide users with a simple way to measure the entire load on the bar as well as each of the four lines individually to ensure the total load was evenly distributed and within required working limits.

The Solution

The system solution consisted 300 fly bar riggingof four BroadWeigh shackles, one at each hanging point on the bar. A handheld device was configured to receive data from all four BroadWeigh modules. As well as wake and sleep, the modules before and after were used to preserve battery life.

The wireless handheld display was used to gather and sum the weights from the four acquisition modules. The display also allowed the user to scroll through each of the individual points on the bar to ensure evenly distributed loads. The BroadWeigh units were set to provide readings 3 times per second and if used for one hour daily would provide two years of service free use before replacement batteries would be required.