Project Description

Wireless Stage and Rigging Monitoring Solutions

A football stadium in Italy with a capacity to hold more than 58,000 was used as a concert venue to host a much anticipated Vasco Rossi rock concert, organised by Live Nation Italy.  To host the event, a temporary stage had to be built on-site.

The ApplicationVasco Rossi Stage

The BroadWeigh wireless system was used to monitor weight distribution within the structure, allowing for the production of a loading certificate for the tour.

Theory of risk

Before a show goes out on tour, the loads will be checked at the design stage to make sure that they are within the limits of the structure with safety factors applied where appropriate. However, the equipment can often get moved around within the rig at the first few venues, changing the load distribution. Once at this stage it can be much easier (and more accurate) to monitor the loads with BroadWeigh load monitoring shackles, rather than calculate them at each change.

The Solution

To ensure everything possible was done to guarantee the safety of the structure, Colin Luke, senior project manager at Oswestry-based Load Cell Rental, was asked to provide a way of monitoring the stage weights during the build.

To monitor the stage weights, a BroadWeigh system consisting of 20 wireless load shackles was utilised for the areas of the construction that were unreachable for the wired ones. The loading data from these shackles could then be checked against the allowable loads.

Colin said: “Following a spate of high profile events where temporary stages have collapsed, it was vital to leave no stone unturned in order to ensure the concert made the headlines for only the right reasons. No respectable concert organiser can afford to ignore the loadings on temporary structures and the BroadWeigh system is the perfect tool for the job.”