New Advanced Handheld Expands Standalone Monitoring Capabilities

A new Advanced Handheld from BroadWeigh is set to bring an additional level of portability to the BroadWeigh system by expanding its standalone monitoring capabilities and providing instant access to loads without the need for a PC and a base station. The new kit (BW-HA), received a soft launch earlier this year at Prolight & Sound and is now available to order.

Jonathan Purdue, BroadWeigh’s Business Development Manager said:

“When we took the new Advanced Handheld to Frankfurt earlier this year, we met with some prospective customers and explained the benefits of the new kit – the first question most of them asked was – ‘when can we get our hands on one?’ What’s great about this new Handheld display is that it’s not been improved at the expense of losing simplicity. It has been designed with complete flexibility in mind – so whatever the complexity of your project – be it simple roaming straight out of the box to setting up summation groups – this device is more than capable and allows viewing of data without the need for a PC and base station.”

The Advanced Handheld retains all the existing capabilities of the existing BroadWeigh Handheld (BW-HR) to monitor any BroadWeigh devices around it at a range of up to 800 m, whilst also introducing two additional functions to fit a wide range of scenarios:

In Roaming Mode riggers can view the readings of the closest 24 devices in the proximity of the handheld without the need to define them on the toolkit. This is the ideal solution at times when the Handheld needs to be used with different sets of devices. Listing Mode allows the configuration of up to 24 pre-defined shackles for further power saving and easy identification with custom name tags, and to set a custom overload warning for individual devices. Meanwhile Summing Mode provides group summations without the need for a PC and a base station, allows for groups to be assigned overload warning and enables the user to drill down to individual devices within groups to find the source of an overload. This device also includes a backlit display making this usable in low light environments.

Jonathan continued: “With these added functionalities, this really is an ideal solution for riggers who can monitor data on the ground without having to return to the site office or carry a laptop around. We aim to develop products that tick all the boxes for our customers in the UK, Europe and beyond and judging by feedback so far, this new Advance Handheld is set to be a must-have in every safety conscious rigger’s tool box.”

He concluded: “2018 is proving to be quite an exciting year for us. We’re introducing several new products and expanding further in Europe, having recently signed up Scan-Rig in Sweden and Imagine Light in Italy as new product partners. Europe is a huge market for us and so it is great to have a greater presence as we increase our product offerings.”